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The SJDM Kiddie & Youth Laboratory Cooperative (SKYLabCoop) was named after the United States SkyLab, the first US Space Station which was launched into orbit on May 14, 1973. SJDM Savings and Credit Cooperative was formally founded on May 14, 1987, thus sharing the same anniversary as the Skylab launching.

SKYLabCoop, being the first venture of SAN JOSE KOOP to promote the values of savings and thrift among young people was conceptualized to secure the influx of future leaders who will continue on the beginnings of San Jose Koop.
The youth is our future, and SkyLabCoop is envisioned to be a trailblazing avenue to develop future leaders and inculcate cooperative values and principles in the youth of today.

Symbolism behind the logo

  • The Guardian Coop’s Logo on Top – symbolizing that SKYLabCoop is a part of San Jose Koop Savings and Credit Cooperative
  • Open Hands – symbolizing volunteerism, openness and being present.
  • Seven Open Hands with the Seven Rainbow Colors of varying Heights – symbolizing diversity of age, sex and background of membership (kiddie youth), also representing the 7 Cooperative Principles. The tallest green hand in the middle towards the guardian coop logo means that SKYLabCoop members, upon reaching their maturity age of 18 may become part of the Guardian Cooperative.
  • The Font and Color of SKYLabCoop – patterned after the official name and color of the Guardian Cooperative, with the nickname on top and full name at the bottom.
  • The tagline “Together We Are Stronger” – patterned after the official tagline of the guardian cooperative.

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For inquiries, you may contact us at 0943-608-8076 or visit your nearest
San Jose Koop office.

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